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Step 1: Get yourself registered with Vdesiconnect and create a catalogue of your products.

  • Create a business account and tabulate the products to be sold
  • Let those products to be marketed either on your private brand or other prevailing brand
  • Receive inputs on self-servicing
  • Initiate the process of selling

Step 2: Seek assistance from experienced service providers

  • Handle all the documentation and cataloguing process to be done under the assistance of specialized service providers
  • Allow every corner of the product to be clearly visible to audience.

Step 3: Get hold of all orders and plan for pickup

  • Once catalogued, millions of users can have their hand to access your products.
  • Organize your online business through the help of Seller Panel or Seller Zone Mobile Applications.

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  • With the integration of exemplary payment gateways, Vdesiconnect makes your payment to be received quickly.
  • Aggrandize your online business services with reduced interest and collateral free loans

Vdesiconnect A one-stop solution to sell your gifts

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Showing a hassle-free platform to sell your gifts, Vdesiconnect aspires to establish its brand locally and internationally. Integrated with qualified services and features, Srinivas and Saritha commenced in February 2019. We might have registered our products on a number of marketplaces, but we are with the thought to personalize our brand and to build long-lasting relationship with our clientele.

We move with deeper insights to manage every facet of your business starting from product listing, managed orders, selling online, branding and payments.

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